A watercolor painting by Lisa AdamsonMuch more than we can imagine depends on the presence and vitality of the honeybee population.
-Gunther Hauk

In order to do justice to an animal–and as human beings this is, or should be, a moral obligation–we must have a deep understanding of its nature. We cannot simply consider our own comfort and calculate our economic situation. If we do, we will face dire consequences.
-Rudolf Steiner

Backyard Beekeepers of the Bay Area is:
…a timely and thoughtful look at the current state of the honeybee and the urban apiculture movement in the greater San Francisco Bay Area.
…an urgent call-to-arms that conveys the seriousness of the plight of the honeybee, while keeping the tone of the book light and positive to inspire readers into action rather than frightening them to do so.
…a compelling and inspiring portrait of a cultural urban movement to protect the honeybee.